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Essential Bodywork and Massage has been providing weekly on-site massage to all of our employees since 1998. Without exception, everyone is extremely enthusiastic about this employee benefit. The massage therapists are a delight to have at our office. I highly recommend Essential Bodywork’s professional staff to any company who wants a creative way to appreciate their employees and to ensure a positive change in the office atmosphere and morale.

~Steve Bergman, M.D., Ph.D.
Director of Human Resources, MPM Capital, Boston, MA
Essential Bodyworks' therapists were extremely professional and created a very warm and inviting environment for our employees at their employee appreciation day. Our staff absolutely loved the 15 minute massages and overwhelmingly gave positive feedback about the event - so much that we are already planning our next one! It was a pleasure to work with Essential Bodywork and I highly recommend offering this fun, creative, relaxing way to show your appreciation to your organization.

~Diane O'Donnell
HR Manager, Thomson & Thomson, Quincy, MA

Getting a massage from Essential Bodywork at the office was a great break
from a stressful day!  My neck feels fantastic!
~B. Sullivan
Senior Account Executive, DBM, Boston, MA

I have been going to EBM for about 2 years, and have truly felt the amazing benefits of massage. I work in a stressful field: real estate. We work long hours and don't take enough time for ourselves, so I had an idea to bring EBM's chair massgae to a broker's open house. I wanted to treat the brokers to a little R&R- and it was a fantastic hit! The massage therapist was wonderful and it made this typical event into something unique. I had the best turn out I've ever had and everyone left feeling relaxed and happy.

~Suzanne Schmuhl

Agent-Partner, Keller Williams Realty, Framingham, MAI was lucky enough to work in downtown Boston for a firm that brought Essential Bodywork to our office as an employee benefit. Wow! This service has a great return in relaxed, happy, and productive employees. A good massage therapist can take the most highly stressed-out worker and transform him into a calm, creative and productive individual. I can’t say enough about how a 15-minute massage can turn around the most stressful day.

~Mario Squillacioti
Consultant, Cambridge, MA

My busy real estate law practice is filled with hard working employees who are under considerable stress, putting in long hours hunched over their computers. Essential Bodyworks’ chair massage program is a great way to say thank you to my employees for their hard work and to boost morale; it enhances their physical well-being by significantly reducing stress. Although people appreciate bonus checks, they seem to like massage just as much if not more! Massage is a much more thoughtful and caring gift.

~Dan Ladd
Attorney, Founder and Principal, Lexington, MA

Having the chance to de-stress in the middle of the day with a wonderful chair massage from Essential Bodywork does wonders for our employees. They come out relaxed, fresh and ready to head back to work, with less shoulder and neck strain. If you have the opportunity to offer such a benefit at work, you should really take advantage of it.

~Stephanie Zizza
Human Resources Specialist, Tyco Healthcare, Radionics, Burlington, MA

Receiving weekly massages at work is great. This is often the only break that I get during the day. It¹s so helpful to get out from behind my desk and take both a physical and a mental break. I find it both relaxing and energizing. Not only do they bring a massage chair to our office, but also very relaxing music which helps with the transition. During my massage, I can instantly feel the positive change in my shoulders, neck, back and arms. Massage has been very helpful to me at work.

~Noreen Liendo
Executive Assistant, Boston, MA

The massage therapists who come to our office from Essential Bodywork & Massage just radiate relaxation. After a massage, I am completely relaxed, my mind is clear and I am relieved of any stress or fatigue that I had to begin with. On a scale of 1 to 10, I’d definitely give them a 10.

~David Thompson
IT Manager, Boston, MA

Essential Bodywork made such a difference when they brought their chair massage services to Clark University for our special event. We wanted to show people how to relax and treat themselves to something special. Essential Bodywork was the perfect way to do that! The massage therapist made each person's worries fade away for 15 minutes of heaven. People haven't stopped talking about the stress relief they got from when Essential Bodywork came to Clark.

~Corey Simon
Student, Clark University, Worcester, MA

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